Hire me!

Have an idea for a DH project but have no idea where to start? Not sure how to manage all the data you've collected? Need some tasks automated, help getting a website for your work, or help building our your DH syllabus?

Hire me as your consultant!

I'm Liz, and I love nothing more than helping others with their research. Before starting my PhD at the University of Texas, I studied English, computer science, and digital humanities at Stanford and had the great fortune of working in the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis for three years. Now, in addition to project managing and working as a research assistant for projects ranging from medieval biography to audio-visual metadata production, my own research focuses on the use of network and spatial analyses for book history. You can check out my CV for more details!

I would love to help you with:


Hourly rate varies by project, but you can expect somewhere between $25 and $50/hr depending on the scope of the work. Discounts available for folks at community colleges or HBCUs and for queer, POC, independent, early-career, or first-gen researchers.


Please contact me at lizzy.m.fischer@gmail.com to set up a free 20-minute conversation to discuss your needs! If I'm not the person for the job, I will help steer you to someone who is.